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LMS Boys’ Brigade Hospital is founded by Dr. James Davidson, the medical missionary doctor of LMS mission in 1910. The name comes after the Boys’ Brigade organization in London who contributed their resources for the hospital. Besides medical services, this institution was primarily a training centre for those who newly joined medical mission services. Later on this institution gave more attention towards medical education. Thus the first nursing school of LMS medical mission in South Travancore started in Kundara by Miss. Dan Way Back in 1949.

Ruins of Oldest hospital building
Ruins of Oldest hospital buildingLMS missionaries started their missionary work in Kerala as early as 19th century. During those days most of the people were the believers of primal religious tradition and the followers of Hinduism. Sumerians, black magic, devil dances, superstitious believers were common in way and it was practiced through their religious tradition. People were illiterate and had least knowledge about medical awareness and health. Diseases such as Cholera, Diphtheria, Small pox, Chicken pox, malaria etc were spread over everywhere. People believed that all those contagious diseases were affected due to the attack of evil spirit. When the people were affected by those diseases their immediate solution was to meet a devil dancer. In many cases poor people did not have money to pay the devil dancer. In such condition the poor people were forced to sell out their girl children as a slave to the so called upper caste people. Missionaries were shocked to see this. They eye witnessed such inhuman practices. There the missionaries realized the emergency of medical mission services in Kerala, particularly in Kundara. ‘A place which is to topographically and historically silent’ (Rural area situated 15 km from Kollam which was a sea port). One of the pioneers of those medical missions were Dr. James Davidson who started LMS mission hospital at Kundara in 1910.

Flash back of 1910
Flash back of 1910When we elucidate the medical mission work and contribution to the church and society. We would like to conclude their various activities with three statements.

  1. Missionaries created a new brand to the hospital.
  2.               The doctors who worked in the hospital were known as missionary doctor and the hospital where they worked is popularly known as mission hospital. Thus they created a mission brand and a mission culture in the medical field. Regular prayer, commitment on their duties dedication to the service, knowing and accepting themselves as a channel of God’s healing process, their holistic approaches to healing ministry, providing abundant life to the patient made them up hold a mission brand in the medical field. All mission hospital are marketing this mission brand for more than 100 years and we need to rebuild our mission hospital with the same brand

  3. Missionaries worked with limited equipment / tools
  4. Somervel’s Operation theatre

    Somervel’s Operation theatre          There is a saying that “a lazy man always complaints about tools”. But in the case of missionary doctors they worked with no or limited tools. For example Dr. Somervell used to conduct surgery with the help of natural solar light. The solar rays falls in the operation table through glass tiled roof and reflected this rays with a mirror to the operation table. Now surgery is done with C – ARM and spot light and we have attitude towards complaints of limited facilities. Rather always look at to change our opportunities even when we are in difficult situation.

  5. Missionaries passed on a lot of memories:

                   Here passed on memories means the stories or events that took place during their carrier and carried over generation. People passed on lot of memorable stories to their healing process. We should pass it to newer generations.

  1. Dr. Somervel who did an emergency tracheostomy with a razor blade.
  2. Dr. Milledge went to the farm when the yoke of a bullock was stuck in the leg of a worker and how it was removed under ether anesthesia.

                   The services of Indian & Kerala missionary doctors are remembered with reverence by the local people who used to come and stay in the hospital which provided a kitchen to cook food and wait for surgeries done only in Kundara. They come out with stories of missionary doctors and their services which change their lives
Now corporate hospitals and modernization has affected our missionary hospital. So also the attitude of doctors who forget that they are the missionaries.
Our outreach programmes lower rates and compassionate attitudes is still attracting people and give their statements “even a little water given from this hospital will cure us”